About Us

Welcome! If you’re a car enthusiast like us, who craves the power of big rims and high horsepower engines, you’ve come to the right place. With over 25 years of experience in the custom car industry, we know what makes your heart race and your adrenaline surge.

At our auction website, we breathe and live custom cars. It’s in our DNA. We believe that every vehicle listed on our platform deserves to be cherished by someone who shares our passion for the symphony of a supercharged or turbo engine with a big cam, growling thunderously through Flowmaster and 3-inch pipes.

We created this groundbreaking website because we saw a void in the market. There was no dedicated platform where car lovers could feast their eyes on a dazzling array of vehicles with jaw-dropping big rims. So, we took the initiative and built the first-of-its-kind website you see before you.

When you list your car on our site, get ready for an explosion of exposure. Your vehicle will be showcased in front of thousands of motivated buyers who are as passionate about cars as you are. Forget about the casual spectators on social media who only want to complain about prices. We are different. We have a dedicated team of professionals and a vast network of buyers nationwide who are hungry for their next automotive thrill.

So, whether you’re a seller looking for the ideal platform to showcase your masterpiece or a buyer yearning for a thrilling automotive experience, join us at our car auction website. Together, we’ll ignite the passion, seize the thrill, and make automotive dreams a reality.