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Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Can I bid if I live outside of the United States or Canada?2023-06-30T15:54:34-04:00

Yes, however you will need to pay in full for the vehicle promptly following the close of the auction, just like all other buyers. Additionally, any logistics, import fees, transportation, legal dues, and/or other items needed to export/import the vehicle are entirely the buyer’s responsibility. Please ensure you’re aware of all these rules and you have everything fully in place prior to bidding. The close of the auction is not the time to begin researching transportation logistics and import regulations.

How do I arrange financing?2023-07-07T19:22:47-04:00

Keep in mind that the time to get approved for a loan is prior to bidding! The information provided in the listing is often sufficient for pre-approval for that specific vehicle, but if other information is required by your lender, please use the “Contact” button to reach out to us.

Collector Car Lending is a service provider for the top lenders in the industry. Click here for details.

Here are three other options that we believe might provide financing:




How do I pay the seller safely?2023-06-30T18:19:10-04:00

We recommend wire transfers or cashier’s checks for payment, but there are many possible options. We do recommend discussing the potential timeline with the seller as early as possible to ensure that you’re both comfortable with the timing and steps.
Note that some states can take several weeks to reissue a title once the loan has been satisfied. Additionally, some states require titles to be notarized by the seller before it can be transferred to you, so pay attention to those rules – and reference state DMV websites – before sending important documents.

How do I pick up the vehicle?2023-07-10T17:27:03-04:00

National Transport Services ships vehicles nationwide. Find out more here.

Transportation costs are always the buyer’s responsibility, so we recommend gathering personal travel and/or shipping cost estimates before bidding. There are many options for how to collect your new vehicle, such as booking a one-way flight and driving home, or going with a trailer to pick up the car. However, we always suggest shipping as an easy and often more affordable option.

Please be sure to verify that a general timeline would work for the seller before bidding. Some sellers may be happy to store the car briefly to allow you time to pick it up, and may also be willing to bring the car to a nearby location for it to be loaded onto a shipping truck. Note that title transfers, paying off loans, etc. may take a little bit of time. When in doubt, contact the seller through us and make sure the timing works for them!


How do I place a bid?2023-06-30T21:05:52-04:00

In order to place a bid, you first have to register, which is explained here. Once you’ve registered and you’ve found a car you’re interested in buying, bidding is easy – just click the “Bid” button on a vehicle’s listing page. Then, you’re prompted to enter your bid amount.
Your bid must be higher than the previous bid, of course – and depending on the current bidding level, there may be a minimum increase over the previous bid. Once you’ve submitted your bid, we place a hold on your credit card for 4.5% of your bid amount until the duration of the auction, in case you end up as the winning bidder.

How do I register to bid?2023-06-30T21:04:41-04:00

First sign up by clicking “My Account” in the top right corner of the header. You will see a screen with a “Register” option. Once you create a username and password, you can return to Big Rim Auctions to bid. You’ll be prompted to add a payment method before bidding.

If you don’t want to register just yet, no problem – you can just browse the auctions and register later.

I didn’t win the auction, why do I still have a hold from Big Rim Auctions?2023-06-30T16:03:02-04:00

We cancel holds for non-winning bidders immediately upon the conclusion of the auction. Depending on your bank, it may take a few days – or up to 7 business days, in rare cases – for the hold to appear removed; please contact your card issuer directly with any questions about the timeline and process.

Is there proxy bidding?2023-06-30T16:00:10-04:00

Yes. If you are outbid, and have specified a maximum bid, the system will bid higher on your behalf, until your maximum price is reached.

Once the auction is over, how do I complete the transaction?2023-06-30T18:14:28-04:00

At the conclusion of the auction, both the buyer and seller are given each other’s contact information to complete the transaction.

What are the fees for the buyer on Big Rim Auctions?2023-07-02T20:27:30-04:00

In addition to the final purchase price paid to the seller, buyers pay a 4.5% buyer’s fee to Big Rim Auctions. The buyer’s fee has a minimum of $250, and a maximum of $4,500.

What currency does Big Rim Auctions use?2023-06-30T15:48:20-04:00

What currency does Big Rim Auctions use?

All bids on Big Rim Auctions are in United States Dollars (USD), including on vehicles located in Canada.

What if the reserve isn’t met?2023-06-30T18:13:09-04:00

If you’re the high bidder on a car where the reserve isn’t met, we’ll work with the seller and the buyer in an attempt to find a sale price that’s suitable for both parties. If we’re able to reach an agreement, we’ll put the buyer and seller in contact – and our fee drops to 2.5%.

What’s the reserve price of the car I want to buy?2023-06-30T18:12:27-04:00

If a listing doesn’t have a reserve, you’ll see a “This product does not have a reserve price” text near the bidding box. Reserve prices are not published. The only time you’ll know if the reserve is met is if the car sells at auction close.

Why do you place a hold on my credit card when I bid?2023-07-02T20:28:04-04:00

We place a hold on your credit card when you bid in order to account for the possibility that you may have to pay the buyer’s fee, should you end up as the winning bidder. The hold is for 4.5% of your initial bid amount, with a minimum of $250 and a maximum of $4,500. If you aren’t the winning bidder, the hold is released from your credit card at the conclusion of the auction.


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