Prepare Your Listing

  1. We ask you for a few details – including the VIN, some photos, and a brief description of the car. You can also choose whether you want to set a reserve price, or if you want your vehicle to be sold with no reserve. A reserve price is a minimum value you’ll accept in order to sell your car – and while a reserve auction may seem like an appealing choice, we’ve found that vehicles offered with no reserve get more bids, more interest, and more attention.
  2. Our experienced auction team will review your submission and may ask you some follow-up questions. We will do our best to give you an answer within a business day. Not every car is right for Big Rim Auctions, but we always appreciate you taking the time to submit your car to us!
  3. Before you can sell on Big Rim Auctions, your car must not be listed for sale elsewhere – meaning you’ll have to remove any other advertisement for your car and you cannot accept offers outside of the auction.
  4. Take excellent photos of your car to get top dollar. Film a quick video walk-around and cold-start – just shoot them on your phone in landscape mode and upload to YouTube or Vimeo.
  5. Have your car inspected to get top dollar – you can order your inspection after your submission is accepted, and once you approve your inspection report we can include it with your listing.
  6. Review the process for transferring vehicle titles in your state – and, if you have a loan on the vehicle, review the process and timeline for paying it off with your lender.